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If you have been to any PP, Inc. events, then you KNOW how seriously we take praise and worship. It sets the tone for the entire experience and we LOVE it! This team has been specifically curated by our Worship Leader, Ryoanne Childs, for their commitment to God, worship and creating an inviting atmosphere and experience for every attendee. They are going to be ready all weekend to go hard, hit heavy and dive deep! Be on the lookout for an exclusive Hey, Pretty!® Playlist as conference nears!

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Charity is a prolific songwriter and worship leader from Gainesville, FL who has the ability to bring people into the presence of God effortlessly. She maximizes her ministry, friendships, and education opportunities to bring glory to God in all areas. Charity also has her own podcast The Cannon and her EP, Heart of Worship.  She is also the wife of Kedric Marshall, the owner of Kaptured Moments Photography and the official HP Photographer. It's a whole family affair for us!

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Shawny is a worship leader, lyricist and composer from Jacksonville, FL who loves music but God MORE. She is featured on "Awe of You" on the Worship Forever album in addition to her own EP, Greater One. The PP, Inc. Team is excited to be bringing her back for another year, this time in her hometown. She is going to take us deeper and we're READY!

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Latora Desue is a singer, songwriter, musician and worship leader in Gainesville, FL but most importantly a woman after God's own heart. She focuses on sharing the Word and being a yielded vessel to shift atmospheres to usher people into an intimate experience with the Father/Holy Spirit.

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