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Petra Pindar, Inc. 's (PP, Inc.) mission is to equip women of faith with the tools to be well. Specifically in the wellness areas of mental, physical, financial, spiritual, relational and work/life balance. Through our Be Well, Pretty! grant, Be Well, Pretty! Wellness Courses and Hey, Pretty! Conference, the goal is to educate, empower, and connect women to achieve wellness in areas of life. 

PP, Inc.'s vision is to do all the things required to support the wholeness of every faith girl through the merging of faith and wellness with the Be Well, Pretty! Grant and wellness courses.

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Community Education

Be Well, Pretty! Courses

The Be Well, Pretty! Wellness Courses is a 6 week virtual wellness program that is offered free to women in the community to grow in areas of mental, physical, financial, spiritual, relational and work/life balance. Expert leaders provide a one hour teaching in these areas including practical tips, homework, and resources for the women. The participants also receive a digital workbook to utilize throughout the program.

Join the group to review our Summer 2023 Courses. New courses launch Summer of 2024.

Hey, Pretty! Conference 

The Hey, Pretty! Conference hosted by PP, Inc. is for #faithgirls who are ready to experience the luxury of being FULLY seen, FULLY heard and FULLY valued. Faith girls are often overlooked when it comes to being taught how to love themselves in all ways - mentally, physically and spiritually. But that is all changing with #HP. It is important to understand that to show up for others and to build the community they want, they have to first show up for themselves. Luxury is not reserved for material things. We believe that they are a luxury item and we are ready to help them celebrate that fact.

Our Giving

PP, Inc. gives an annual grant of $500 to a woman who needs additional support on her wellness journey. This allows the recipient to cover the expenses necessary for therapy, a training program or even education classes without having to worry about the financial constraints.

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Life changing. The most amazing encounter I’ve had with a group of women while receiving breakthroughs from God.
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