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The Hey, Pretty! Conference hosted by PP, Inc. is for #faithgirls who are ready to experience the luxury of being FULLY seen, FULLY heard and FULLY valued. Faith girls are often overlooked when it comes to being taught how to love themselves in all ways - mentally, physically and spiritually. But that is all changing with #HP. It is important to understand that to show up for others and to build the community you want, you have to first show up for you. So, join the #prettycrew for two days of intentional self-care and sisterhood building. Luxury is not reserved for material things. We believe that YOU are the luxury item and we are ready to help you celebrate that fact. 

Welcome to the #prettycrew!


Join the PP, Inc. CEO, Petra Pindar, for an after party masterclass on relationship building on Friday night! This intimate VIP session will feature a deep dive into building relationship effectively with yourself FIRST, God and then those who are purposed to you. It is going to be a transparent and organic session that will equip you to show up as your best self in every arena. She will also have the best late night treats to nibble on. Think girl time on 10! And of course, she will have an exclusive gift from Kay Organics, LLC for her #prettycrew!


Our mental health expert, Pretina Ross, MS, will be providing tangible tips and strategies to navigate our mental health between what many consider the tricky space of faith and life. As women of faith we are sometimes made to believe that prayer is enough. It's not and it is time to dispel that myth. We are going to be caring for our minds in the way that God designed to better put our faith into action. This power packed masterclass is going to be full of real mental health strategies, scriptures, affirmations and proven methods to pamper us mentally.


The PP, Inc. Team will facilitate a masterclass focused on effective and long-term team and relationship building. They will be sharing their tips and secrets on how they built, maintain and elevate their team dynamic, output and service. If you are interested in building a core team that will help propel your brand, business or ministry, this masterclass is for you! They are not only business partners but friends too and they have made it their mission to set the standard when it comes to faith, business, and teamwork.

Faith girls need music that can both uplift, motivate and hype them up! The Hey, Pretty Conference will provide multiple opportunities for our girls to worship, praise and DANCE. On Friday night the HP Praise Team and a special guest or two will host a concert for all of our girls, on Saturday morning we will rise with the sun for worship and learning from our Worship Leader, Ryoanne Childs, and then of course we will have corporate worship during our main session!


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Welcome to the Pretty Crew!

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